Have you ever heard of us?

In case you haven't, you certainly have heard about our clients.
Welcome to the Agency where we don’t offer only services.
We build relationships!

We don’t treat our clients as customers; they are our partners and we invest our time and knowledge in their success.

ZI Public Relations Consultancy is one of the leading integrated communication agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our forte lies in addressing the communication and business challenges of the digital era, made possible by our multidisciplinary team of experts

Who are we, and what do we love?
We love
to research
What everyone else knows and has is not interesting. We thrive on exploration, introducing fresh perspectives, forms, and solutions that set us apart from the ordinary.
We love strategic approach
Yes we do! We love contemplating, measuring, calculating, guiding, advocating, and refining until we lead you where you aspire to be.
We love
Uniting seemingly incompatible worlds is our language of creativity and practicality, which enables us to have a distinctive approach to problem-solving!
We love
Green agenda
We cherish nature in its purest form, embracing all its beautiful imperfect nuances. Through our business and decisions, we strive to positively influence a better tomorrow for our children and future generations.

With whom we work?

Every client is unique,
just like a coffee stain.

We cultivate a unique approach tailored to your needs.

Let's meet and
have casual coffee : )

Where?  Skenderija 42
When  From 08:30 to 16:30

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